Global training sessions

How to use Lync - Trainer: Pierre Decrocq

How to use blueKiwi - Trainer: Pierre Decrocq

How to use SharePoint - Trainer: Pierre Decrocq

What's your innovator's profile ? - Trainer: Denis Faivre

WIN Lift - Trainers: Annelies Hervent/Cedric Meuter

How to protect your PC at home and at work (beginner/medium) - Trainer: Peter Ortmann

EF (English) - Trainer: EF Trainer

Skillsoft (IT Trainer) - Trainer: Eveline Sanders

Crossknowledge (soft skill, management trainings via e-learning) - Trainer: Frans Lommen

Worldline product offering/markets - Trainers: Stéphanie Nogues

IDP - Trainer: Gordon Robertson

SDCO - Trainers: F. Hochede, M. Rifflard, M. Vanbesien, P.Croisy,J.F. James, C. Robet